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New and exciting ways to make your event memorable

Published: Friday, 21 April 2017

Team Building

Keep delegates and colleagues interested with these inspiring ways to host successful meetings and events.

Are you trying to keep your conference and events fresh and current but struggling to think of ideas? In this blog we will list 7 inspiring and unique ways to make you next event have the ‘wow factor’.

  1. Brain food is good food
    Serve healthy energy boosting smoothies on arrival. This will put everyone in the right frame of mind – mentally, physically and psychologically! Everyone feels great about themselves post goodness.  It also sends a subliminal message - we're forward thinking, we care and we're cool! As cliché as it is brain food makes you feel good and do good.
  2. Take it outside
    We don’t recommend this in the month of December or if you have a presentation but during the summer months and dry days ask the venue if you can move your conference, meeting or event outside. There is nothing some fresh air, newly cut grass and sunshine can’t solve. Taking your event outside will automatically relax delegates meaning more engagement and better networking opportunities.
  3. Panel Discussions
    With modern technology, panel discussions negative reputation with delegates can be changed. One of the best ways to do this is engage the audience very early on, a new website called Slido, gives the audience the opportunity to login to the session and ask questions either as themselves or anonymously, this gives them a voice whilst taking away the embarrassment or standing up and speaking into a microphone.
  4. Entertainment
    Entertainment needs to be relevant and reflects your brand and /or message. Something suitably spectacular will capture the imagination, stimulate the senses and, crucially, ensure that both your event and your product are memorable for all the right reasons.  Providing entertainment will make your event worthy of posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, and why do anything unless it is going to end up on social media?
  5. Campfire Sessions
    Campfire sessions are for the smaller meeting and are set in a laid-back environment, simulating a campfire environment. The facilitator of the group will lead the discussions The agenda is created by the delegates talking in a natural environment. This type of session is an excellent place for delegates to learn from their colleagues through discussing own experiences. As a bonus, this interactive peer-to-peer format it is also an excellent opportunity for delegates to build new connections.
  6. Make it fun
    Conferences and meetings are becoming much more fun with team building being a preferred choice for many. When it comes to your next event, have an hour where delegates to can have fun and bring back some childhood memories, let them paint a picture, build something, learn a new skill, anything which will take their mind off of the conference but also allow them to network much more naturally and remember it for a long time.
  7. After Party
    Never underestimate the power of an after party! Some of the best bits of business and networking is done over a glass of wine after a long day at a conference, meeting, event or exhibition. Put on some low music, tasty canapés