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Five Event Resolutions You Should Make in 2020

Published: Monday, 06 January 2020

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Now that January is here, your marketing and event plans for 2020 are increasingly more urgent.

Here at Conference Coventry and Warwickshire, we understand the importance of getting it right. Events use up big budgets, significant human resource and often have strict objectives; we appreciate the effort it takes to execute successful events, along with the associated pressure of delivering a fruitful return on your investment. We hope that our resolutions for 2020 can go some way to supporting and achieving your event goals in the year ahead.

Pre-define your goals

With hectic workloads, a full inbox and packed meeting schedule, it’s easy to neglect your objectives in the busy lead up to your event. If we do manage to outline our intentions, we’re sometimes guilty of setting vague or unrealistic goals which are difficult to manage and ultimately, impossible to measure.

Before blindly diving in to organising your event, sit and decide why it is that you’re attending or organising this event in the first place? To gain more customers? Increase your membership? To enhance your business profile? It’s only when your objectives have been defined that you can effectively plan the type of event you need.

The solution is to be as specific and clear as possible, using the SMART framework as a guide. Following the SMART framework will support your event plan and your business objectives, keep the process in mind as an essential component to your event planning:

Specific – define what you want to achieve in a specific and understandable manner.
Measurable – the more precise you can be with your goal, the easier it will be to measure afterwards.
Achievable – be realistic with your intentions. Imposing challenging goals will keep your team motivated but creating unrealistic objectives could have the opposite effect.   
Relevant – your goals ought to be relevant to your business objectives. If you have a goal that is not a current priority for the wider organisation, consider dropping it or replacing it with something more relevant.
Time-bound – setting a measurable end-goal within a realistic timeframe will ensure the objective is actionable and keep your team motivated to produce results. 

Manage your budget

Managing your budget is undoubtedly one of the most challenging parts of event organisation. The business of events is expensive by its very nature and managing that, along with the expectations of your business, clients and/or stakeholders is a stressful task which holds significant responsibility.

To make life easier in 2020, aim to keep a detailed well-thought-out budget plan for each event that will ensure you keep track of costs, save time and effectively demonstrate your ROI post-event.

Once the focus of your event has been defined, you need to create an estimate of all the expenses involved – venue hire, AV hire, food and beverage provisions, accommodation and so on. Remember, your event should be planned around your financial resources, and not vice-versa.

Although considered somewhat time-consuming, your financial organisation will be beneficial to your own stress-management, event co-ordination and measurement of success. Keep your budget planning a priority in 2020!

Improve your event marketing

Managing an event is one thing but marketing it, getting people excited and getting them to attend is a whole other quest unto-itself. Significant financial expenditure and human resource will be used to organise and deliver your event, all of which would be entirely wasteful if your event is insufficiently promoted.Like most marketing plans, there’s no right and wrong solution, but aim to forward plan in 2020 by getting to grips with your aims and objectives to maximise the opportunity of your event. It can feel somewhat overwhelming to do this in today’s cluttered w

orld of messaging but take each piece one-by-one to consider your event audience, how to best reach them and segment your messaging, how to excite them and ultimately, how to measure your success.

Enhance attendee experience

The event planning process is important, but only half the story. Can you guarantee a first-class experience for your attendees? Creating unforgettable and engaging experiences is not an easy task but something to aim for in 2020.

As the world continues to change, attendees are expecting more from the events they attend, delivering the expected is no longer enough. Pull your team together (sooner rather than later) to think about how you could better promote your product or service to an audience bored with the ‘same old’ event offer. Could you plan a VIP cocktail masterclass? A virtual reality show-round of your site or venue? An off-site tour or team building activity? Whatever it might be, try thinking bigger and better than you have before to create lasting and favourable memories of your brand.

Measure your ROI

Once the event is over and you’ve had time to rest your feet, the ultimate question will be whether or not you have delivered a return on your investment?

Measuring your ROI (Return on Investment) is not about getting bogged-down in heavy-going mathematical equations, rather assessing how much value came from the event vs. how much you put in. The key factor goes backs to understanding at the very outset what your objectives for the event are and ensuring you have attached something measurable against each of them.

This handy blog from Eventbrite will show more detail on how to measure your ROI most effectively: https://bit.ly/2t46tSS

So – in all, there aren’t too many steps to better event planning in 2020 but by following some (or hopefully all) of our suggestions, we would hope that you are able to effectively deliver a successful event in the year ahead.

If you’re looking to hold an event in Coventry and Warwickshire, our team can support venue searches, site visits, familiarisation trips and more.

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