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Warwick Conferences - Radcliffe's New Look!

Published: Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Warwick Conferences

Phase 1 & 2 of the Radcliffe's £6.5m refurbishment is complete and doors are open for brand new events and conference bookings to be taken!

Following on from the behind the scenes work, improving heating, ventilation and PATA upgrades, Warwick Conferences are now in the process of transforming the venue's look and experience,

The hard hats and steel-toed boots are off, and decorators have now begun to work their magic on bringing the vivacious spirit of 'Anything is Possible' to life within the venue. What once was a traditional training and conference centre is going to be transformed to emulate a sophisticated 'boutique' hotel experience. Creative wall art has been chosen that is both opulent and equally engaging to create a poised yet atmosphere for our delegates.

 Outside Restaurant

Outside the restaurant is the first point of transformation. The use of different sized photo frames creates a calm environment where you can feel at home. Just because you’re there on business, doesn’t mean you can’t feel relaxed. The images are initially simplistic, but are designed at a second glance captivate the minds of their delegates. The nature of the imagery here is absorbing and thought-provoking, this theme of appreciation of art and culture runs throughout the core of the building. 

For the delegates with a desire to never stop learning, they'll be greeted with a timeline of iconic and monumental historical events. From the Yalta Conference in 1945 to one of the University’s Professor's discovery in 1998, you'll find yourself immersed in the rich history of art, academia and innovation last 200 years. Delegates will feel inspired on their walk to their next meeting, thinking what extraordinary thing could my next meeting achieve?

Moving on while making your way around the new and improved Radcliffe, you’ll see a ‘bookshelf’ by your side. Where you can find titles by the most respected authors. From the likes of Charles Dickens and Enid Blyton, not only does the building show a wealth of appreciation for art and history, but also the charming admiration for some of the world's greatest literature.


Finally, a witty yet slightly wry wall depicting the different delegate archetypes you may come across in a typical meeting. With relative examples, delegates can recognise themselves, and entertain at a colleague's dissatisfaction when they’re labelled ‘the powerplayer’ with a crushing handshake.

Which one are you?

Warwick Conf


In addition to these areas, Radcliffe's lounge, bathrooms and meeting spaces have also been refurbished. Take a look at what they will look like here.

Do you want to see more?

Speak to Warwick Conferences amazing team today and book a show round on 024 7652 3222, alternatively email