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Productivity tips for event organisers

Published: Thursday, 03 November 2016

Take a look at your to-do list and tick off tasks which take two minutes or less.

Take a look at your to-do list and tick off tasks which take two minutes or less.

A day in the office can quickly disappear beneath a mountain of emails, constant telephone calls and questions from your team.

The action list you had originally laid out can soon slip to tomorrow’s ‘to do’ pile and another eight hours vanish out of sight. As event organisers, we have complete sympathy with this anxiety and are expert in supporting our clients in handling complex requirements and busy event schedules. Our experience has highlighted key areas by which we are able to improve our own productivity and below are some of our favourite techniques:

1. Track Tasks

Limit how much time you spend on each task – be aware when a simple task is taking too long and delegate what’s possible to your team. Don’t waste additional time on tasks which are non-essential. 

2. Regular Breaks

Although breaks may seem counterintuitive, taking your eyes away from the screen and moving around the office can boost energy and improve concentration; work for intervals of 90 minutes or less for maximum performance. 

3. Quick Wins

Take a look at your to-do list and tick off tasks which take two minutes or less. By doing so, you will complete the quick wins and have more time to focus on time-consuming matters.

4. Standing Meetings

Cancel meetings which are not absolutely necessary! If they are, stand up. By standing, you will improve group performance, boosting energy and motivating your team to speak efficiently.

5. Quit Multitasking

While some believe that multitasking is essential to productivity, in fact – the opposite is true. Attempting too much at once can increase stress, lose time and decrease overall effectiveness. 

6. Be Proactive

Allowing phone calls and emails to dictate your working day will ease immediate concerns but not accomplish all that you need to; set time aside to answer emails but don’t allow them to influence your productivity.

Aim to take charge of your day, control time efficiently and manage your tasks more effectively with these tips. Although some days will appear more daunting than others, by adopting these recommendations, your productivity is sure to increase and your stress levels diminish.