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10 tips for finding your ideal conference venue

Published: Friday, 02 December 2016

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As well as deciding the content and inviting delegates, one of the most important decisions you make in planning your event is booking the perfect venue.

With so much else to decide, check our handy list of tips for quick assurance that your chosen venue is right for you.

1. Availability

Think you’ve found the perfect venue, it looks good, it’s in a great location…but it is available? Don’t jump ahead; call your local bureau to check the availability on your meeting room, breakout room, outdoor space and bedrooms before you get your hopes up.

2. Suitability

You need to ensure that the style and quality of the venue  is aligned with your organisation and the nature of delegates attending; be mindful of stakeholders and/or your event sponsors too. One of our top suggestions is to ask which other events might be held on-site at the same time.

3. Accommodation

If the venue doesn’t house suitable accommodation, or the rooms are unavailable, you will need to find alternatives. If the event location is outside of walking distance from local accommodation, perhaps ask if your venue would consider a shuttle service or contact a local taxi provider for discounted journeys.

4. Accessibility

The location of your venue can maximise attendance to your event. Before deciding upon a venue, make sure transportation is readily available, whether by car, air or rail – make it easy for delegates to find you. In addition, check out the surrounding facilities. What is the quality of nearby restaurants? 

5. Costs

Finding your dream venue within the limitation of a tight budget is never easy. If you find a location which you consider ideal, but the cost falls outside of your remit, speak with your bureau to find out your power to negotiate. Be polite and use your sense of judgement – don’t push your luck but flex your client control to discuss the possibility for deductions.


6. Facilities

Seek out the venue which serves all of your requirements – do they have capacity for your delegates? Do they offer the appropriate audio-visual equipment? Create a wish list of your needs and tick them off with support from the venue’s own event team. Never be afraid to ask the question!

7. Staffing

Speak with your venue to determine the ratio of staff to delegates. Will there be enough staff on-hand and perhaps most importantly, will the right staff be available to answer any specific questions you might have? 

8. Technical

It’s essential to find out whether or not your venue has accessible Wi-Fi for delegates. If so, do they offer this free of charge? If not, this could be a supplementary cost you might need to cover within your own budget. Make sure you ask the question as to whether their will be any staff who are able to provide support in fixing anything which might go wrong on the day!

9. Branding

Your venue may be able to support your requirements in welcoming delegates and help to promote your brand and/or event message. Ask the venue co-ordinator about signage opportunities, inside and outside the venue if you’re permitted. 

10. Food and Drink

Most venues will offer in-house catering services. Be sure to find out whether or not they can provide for different allergies and dietary requirements, particularly at the last minute. 

We hope that these handy tips will enable you to cross-off another important component of your event plan. If you need any support in securing your perfect venue in the heart of Coventry and Warwickshire, our expert team are on-hand to handle all of your requirements! Get in touch today.