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Coventry's Trip to Tokyo

Published: Tuesday, 27 November 2018


Coventry's Env Ambassador programme has been a global success and will be used in Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics

David Boughey, managing director of the EnV ambassador programme in Coventry has just came back from a successful trip to Tokyo where he was talking to a large audience about how they can ensure the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be a success with the help of an established and organised ambassador programme. Read on to hear all about his trip.

Last year David was host to Dentsu’s Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Games Project Office whilst in Coventry. After the visit, the officials were so impressed with the work that the EnV ambassador programme do that David was invited to present and share information with the organisers of Tokyo2020.

One of the main purposes for David’s visit was to deliver presentations to potential volunteers AND city officials who wanted to learn how to manage and sustain lasting volunteer programmes for their city following the Tokyo2020 Games.

Following a 13-hour direct flight David was already impressed with the Japanese hospitality and knew that this type of service would befit any ‘host city’ volunteer and Olympic host nation.

The first stop for David was the Shiodome area in Tokyo where he was due to present to 500 people in the area of Fujisawa, where Enoshima has one of the best sailing venues in Japan that hosted yachting in the 1964 Olympics.  

The following days included delivering different presentations in Sendai which will be hosting the 2020 Olympic football games just like Coventry did in 2012.

On top of presenting David also had the opportunity to be guided around historical sites by volunteers in pink high-vis jackets which was inspiring moment for him as it showed how Coventry’s EnV Ambassador scheme is held in such high regard across Tokyo and Japan.

This trip has proved that the legacy of the 2012 Olympics and the ever growing hard work of David and his volunteers are recognised globally and will benefit other Cities who face the challenge of large events. Coventry is proud that our community interest company has received this recognition and David is now back to actively looking for support to help us to achieve their ambitious goals to continue to improve and grow “to 2021 and beyond”.

 If you or your organisation would like to join and support us towards achieving that please do get in touch.

If you need any ambassador support for any events, you have in the City please do get in touch and we can arrange for support.