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Three Secrets of Success from The Millionaire Party Planner

Published: Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Liz Taylor - Millionaire Party Planner

Liz Taylor - star of Channel 4's Millionaire Party Planner shares her three top secrets for a successful event

Three Secrets of Success from The Millionaire Party Planner

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, an enviable client list and an exceptional eye for detail, Liz Taylor is Managing Director of one of the UK’s most prestigious events management companies.  Many people recognize Liz as the ‘Millionaire Party Planner’ from the Channel 4 documentary series, yet underneath all the glitz and glamour, is not only a formidable business woman; there’s a person who lives and breathes events.

First established in 1984, The Taylor Lynn Corporation (TLC) produces first class events all over the world - from St Tropez to Istanbul, Marrakesh, New York and Moscow. It’s not unusual for Liz to be seen rubbing shoulders with rich and famous clients that demand only the best. And with TLC they get it - with 70% repeat business, the figures speak for themselves.

Here she shares her vast and varied experience delivering exciting and engaging events.

1)      Make Brand a Priority

“For me a successful event is one that is on brand, in budget, the audience is engaged and everyone walks away feeling valued.” says Liz. “But underneath all of that is brand.”

“When I first began my journey, I was given an invaluable piece of advice. ‘Build a Brand.’ So, I BECAME a brand.

“Living and breathing brand is instilled into my team.  Everyone who works for me or with me knows our core values and ethos. Creativity, Reliability, Discretion and Trust; that is the power of the TLC brand.

“An event is the ultimate live brand forum. Underneath the logistics, glamour, theatre and delivery of any event should be brand.  Yet companies often fail to consider brand in the planning stages.

“A consistent and recognisable brand message helps the audience to connect and reinforces a cohesive message across all communication channels.  Brand is how to truly engage with an audience.

“That doesn’t mean sticking up logo or a free-standing sign in a hotel foyer! Representing a brand is feeling it, breathing it and digging deep, then finding creating ways to make the audience feel it too.

2)      The Devil is in the Detail

“A burger van outside, a branded bar of chocolate, a circus-themed 21st birthday with rotating bar, suspended vintage horses and cocktails with goldfish and popcorn – creative, thoughtful details are what guests will remember forever.  Details equal engagement.

“Behind all of this is a team of event organisers who plan, check and recheck every single detail. My obsession with administrative infrastructure goes back to my Marks and Spencer training days, where management training included endless check lists, back up and experience working in every department.  I’m notorious for requesting revised plans, repeat site visits and endless questions – all essential for delivering what is expected.

3)      Everyone is a VIP

“For an event to be successful, everyone needs to feel valued. The concept of VIP applies to guests, staff, suppliers and clients alike.

“For my team, without respect, manners and gratitude our events wouldn’t have impact. This reflects with my suppliers who have been loyal to me for thirty years.  I try to find ways to recognise everyone’s contribution be that a glass of wine, crew fish and chips, or the often-underrated skill of knowing everyone’s name.  Sometimes I have 50 people on site yet I’m on first name terms with every single person.

“I extend this to guests with the simple and effective method of placing double sided name cards.  And I have been known to distribute personalised miniature bottles of prosecco on arrival.”

“Building a successful events management business is not easy, it takes drive, dedication and a compulsive attention to detail.  Plus, a healthy dose of insomnia. Yet the satisfaction of delivering an event where all the components come together is like nothing else. “

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