Celebrate women of the past and present with this brand-new exhibition at Coventry transport museum

Doreen Evans with her brothers Dennis and Kenneth

The thrilling exhibition, ‘Women in Motorsport’ opens at Coventry Transport Museum in the new year.

It introduces visitors to the personal stories of women while profiling diversity in the automotive industry.

‘Women in Motorsport’ runs during Coventry’s year as UK City of Culture and will launch on 29 January 2022. A range of motorsport companies, individuals, organisations and heritage partners have come together to celebrate the aspirational achievements and historical perspectives on motor racing, as well as current developments such as grass-roots and pro-racing.

There is something for visitors of all ages, from sensational vehicles such as the Jaguar Racing Formula E and Kaye Petrie’s race car, to famed trophies, examples of cutting-edge technologies and rare interviews.

Further highlights include Limited Fundz Junior Dragster, a Williams Racing F1 Show Car, the college Greencar Kit as well as racing gear from Susie Wolff, Sarah Moore, and even Sebastian Vettel’s famous Same Love t-shirt from the Hungarian Grand Prix.

But that’s not all – the innovative exhibition will also feature many interactive elements, including a pit-stop experience, DIY-tracks and projections which allow visitors to race their own designs against each other.

Visitors will also be able to fuel up their knowledge about the frontrunners of female motorsport and explore their varied roles within the industry through personal stories, as well as capture an exciting glimpse of the future of STEM.

Francis Nielsen, from Coventry Transport Museum, said: “We are hoping the exhibition will inspire future generations to follow in these brilliant women’s footsteps and showcase that there’s a space for women in all aspects of the motorsport industry.

“We wanted to focus on the impact women had on all aspects of motorsports alongside current developments such as grass-roots racing.

“What better place to demonstrate our ability to innovate – past, present, and future, than in the home of the cycle industry and birthplace of the motor car in the UK.”

Coventry Transport Museum is home to the world’s largest collection of British Road Transport, including the three fastest cars on the planet - illustrating Coventry’s role in transport and a new perspective on diversity within the motor industry through ‘Women in Motorsport’.

The exhibition is FREE for GoCV Cardholders and included in the annual admission.

Exhibition dates: 29 January – 31 May 2022

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Image Credit: ‘Doreen Evans with her brothers Dennis & Kenneth’, Brooklands Museum

Published: 17th December 2021