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The Arden Hotel's New Restaurant

Published: Tuesday, 26 March 2019

The Arden Hotel - Restaurant

The Arden Hotel has re-opened Waterside Brasserie with a stylish new look, name and menu sure to draw a crowd

The Waterside Brasserie at The Arden Hotel is opening it’s doors once again and unveiling a stylish new look, menu and name. No 44 on the Waterside describes itself as a social hangout offering guests a variety of ‘small plates’ to share amongst family and friends whilst kicking back and soaking up the relaxed atmosphere and creating a truly unique dining experience in Stratford upon Avon.

The inspiration for the new menu comes from wanting to make dining more adventurous and social. The ‘shareables’ encourage guests to explore the varied menu with friends, sharing 5-6 small plates between 2. No more looking at a friend’s dish and thinking you should have ordered what they did; menu envy is a thing of the past!

That said, if you’re a bit on the indecisive side when faced with such a tasty selection, the small plates also allow you to pick a few things to try without the pain of having to decide on just one (we’ve all been there).

Food is freshly prepared in the kitchen and served to the table as soon as it is ready putting the traditional dining experience as a thing of the past. This creates a really laid back and relaxed atmosphere allowing guests to graze on delicious food whilst hanging out, kicking back and having a few drinks. It’s dining without the formalities.

Whilst taking a peek at the new menu it’s hard to pick a favourite but that’s the great thing about the small plates… you don’t have to! From oven baked stone bass to superfood salad to sticky tamarind ribs and everything in between, the menu has a great selection of delicious food for meat eater and vegetarians alike. Choose from nibbles, fish, meat, veggie and salad-based plates to suit your own tastes or try something new without having to have a whole portion to yourself.

If you have room for more there is a short but sweet dessert menu featuring a selection of delicious options; we can recommend the Carpaccio of pineapple, crystallised coriander and lime granita for a taste sensation!

General Manager of The Arden Hotel, Josefine Blomqvist says

"We are excited to be offering this more social and relaxed experience whilst providing our guests real flexibility in choice, it’s something different and new to the Stratford dining scene."

The new stylish and contemporary look of the space at No 44 on the Waterside is in keeping with what has gone before; light and airy with great views over the River Avon now complemented by the relaxed yet social vibe created from the new dining experience. Eat, drink and hang out whilst watching the world go by along the waterfront and take in the stunning views from the terrace, any time day or night. Another new feature to the Brasserie is the cosy, cocooned lounge area set back from the bar, an ideal spot for couples or small groups to soak up the relaxed atmosphere and while the time away.

The only question that remains is ‘to share or not to share?’

Prices start from just £2.00 per plate with the suggestion of sharing 5-6 plates between two persons and favourites start from £6.00 starter £15.00 Main Course

Opening times: 5pm -9.30pm Monday – Saturday 6pm – 9pm – Sunday