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Warwick Conferences sign 3 year deal

Published: Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Frontline and Warwick Conferences

Warwick Conferences has been selected as the official venue to host Frontline’s five-week Summer Institute training programmes for the next three years.

Frontline is a charity that helps recruit and develop individuals to become social workers and leaders.

Having the ability to host large lectures for more than 700 attendees, coupled with flexible breakout spaces, was cited by the charity as the winning criteria.

Josie Whitworth, head of programme management at Frontline, commented: “Over the last three years, we have experienced truly outstanding services from Warwick Conferences. For us, it’s crucial that our participants feel comfortable and engaged, during a five-week intense learning programme where sessions can take up much of the day.

“Whether it’s the surrounding environment, which offers beautiful grounds for participants, tutors and staff to relax, or the innovative use of technology in the learning spaces, we have found that Warwick Conferences allows us to continue pushing boundaries we didn’t think were possible for our programme.”

The new three-year term will see Frontline continue to have access to the University of Warwick’s library, to support attendees’ study requirements, as well as its accommodation and award-winning catering facilities.

Emma Willis, account manager for Frontline at Warwick Conferences, added: “The Summer Institute is a serious programme with intense learning objectives and we relish working with the Frontline team to develop new ways to engage with its participants.”

As part of the three-year contract, Warwick Conferences will also host Frontline’s internal activities, including company away days and internal engagement activities.