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We aim to make this website accessible to all users and therefore follow certain standards and government guidelines to ensure that this site can be used as effectively and easily as possible by everyone.

Website and government standard compliance

This website has been built to meet the WCAG 2.1 AA standard.

Accessibility browser options

  • Microsoft Internet Options - Go to Tools, select Accessibility and you can make changes to formatting and style sheets.
  • Mozilla Firefox - Go to Tools, select Options, then Advanced and you can make changes to various Accessibility options.
  • Google Chrome - The Chrome browser supports assistive technology including some screen readers and magnifiers. It offers people with low vision a number of tools, including full-page zoom and high-contrast colour. In addition, Chrome Extensions are extra features and functionality that you can easily add to your Chrome browser to customize it with functionality you need. There are many extensions which improve accessibility or which help developers create accessible web applications, such as ChromeVox, ChromeShades, and ChromeVis.

Difficulty using a mouse

Most websites can be used without a traditional mouse, links can be selected and clicked using the keyboard.

If you find it difficult to use a mouse to navigate around the page, you can follow these steps as a substitute to using your mouse:

  • Click on the TAB key on your keyboard. This will move your cursor to each of the navigation options / links on the screen.
  • When you have found the link you want, press ENTER on your keyboard.
  • You can also use the 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' keys on your keyboard to move the page to the area you want to read.


The pages on this site are designed to be used with screenreaders, so that visually impaired users can easily access the content and navigate the site and as a result every page has a set of easy access keys.

Text to Speech (TTS)

This website is Text to Speech enabled using BrowseAloud.

Use the BrowseAloud button that appears on the top left of this website to launch the BrowseAloud Plus toolbar.


This website can be automatically translated using Browsealoud.

Use the BrowseAloud button that appears on the top left of this website to launch the BrowseAloud Plus toolbar.